Transforming European Industrial Ecosystems through eXtended Reality enhanced with human-centric AI

and secure, 5G-enabled IoT

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101135556.

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INDUX-R envisions a human-centric XR ecosystem that will transform European industrial sectors by empowering humans and creating innovate XR products and services of significant added value. It targets for concrete scientific breakthroughs integrated in technological enablers that will be applied in use cases driven from

real-life needs while having the potential to be replicated in several other applications. These breakthroughs are focused on core XR technologies, namely, digitisation and creation of XR assets, realistic animation, light-field HMDs, XR media streaming and egocentric perception.

To address challenges that multi-user XR applications pose, INDUX-R will implement

a highly scalable, zero-touch 5G architecture and a secure, interoperable IoT network that can accommodate fluctuating demands and minimize waste of resources.

The foreseen use cases cover a wide spectrum of industrial ecosystems in event planning, Industry 4.0, virtual medical training, cultural tourism, and broadcasting of sports events where end-users will participate in every step of INDUX-R.


LiveMediaXR omniconferences

4D Reconstruction for cultural tourism

X-ray vision for Industry 4.0

NOMADE Cars sports immersion

Virtual medical training

Kick off meeting

The partners of the dynamic kick-off meeting, 11-12.01.2024 in CERTH, Thessaloniki setting the stage for innovation, collaboration, and success.


LiveMediaXR will offer a new experience to conference participants whether they are present in person, or remotely, who watch live or on demand.



@CREAL, a partner of INDUX-R participated in the world's biggest Photonics conference in San Francisco (SPIE 2024)

Press Release

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INDUX-R Kickstarts with Engaging Workshops to Revolutionize XR Technology in Europe

INDUX-R program has kicked off dynamically with the cooperation of 18 organizations, CERTH-Greece, FORTH-Greece, CWI-Netherlands, UAU-Germany, UAB-Spain, EUT-Spain, FINT-Cyprus, NOVA-Greece, ORAMA-Switzerland, INOVA-Portugal, RINA-Italy, IDECO-Spain, CREAL-Switzerland, INVENTICS-Greece, UNIGE-Switzerland, EKTACOM-France, AdI-Italy, FSU-Germany.

The partners take part in a series of meetings and workshops, starting to explore ways to integrate Extended Reality (XR) technologies into various European industrial sectors. This pioneering project aims to empower individuals and spearhead the creation of innovative XR products and services, promising to bring substantial added value across a broad spectrum of applications.

Focusing on critical advancements in XR technologies such as asset digitization, realistic animation, advanced Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), XR media streaming, and perception technologies, INDUX-R is designed to tackle the unique challenges of multi-user XR applications. By implementing a scalable 5G framework and a secure Internet of Things (IoT) network, the project addresses the need for efficient resource usage and flexibility in fluctuating demands.

The INDUX-R initiative spans several key application areas, including:

  • LiveMediaXR: Participation (on-site, online, on demand) with interaction in a virtual environment.
  • X-Ray vision for Industry 4.0: Improving productivity and safety in industry.
  • Virtual medical education: Training in medical procedures in a virtual environment.
  • Large-scale 4D reconstruction of historical sites: Reconstruction of historical sites in 3D and 4D space - preservation of historical memory.
  • Improved experience of watching NOMADE car races - exciting and immersive experience.

At the core of INDUX-R's philosophy is a human-centric approach to development. From the initial stages of user requirement gathering to the final ecosystem qualification, end-users are actively involved, ensuring that the innovations are not only technologically advanced but also ethically sound and aligned with European values.

Aiming to address both market demands and societal needs, INDUX-R is at the forefront of European industrial innovation, employing XR technologies to create immersive and impactful solutions. With a strong commitment to ethical standards and user engagement, INDUX-R is paving the way for a future where technology enhances human experiences in sustainable and meaningful ways.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101135556.